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Conditions & Treatments

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It is our goal to enable men to reach their full potential to live a healthy lifestyle by optimizing their hormonal profile, encouraging proper diet and exercise, and providing a science-based approach to their lifestyle decisions. It would be our honor to help in this endeavor.



Erectile Dysfunction affects the romantic lives of millions of men and can be an embarrassing condition. Don't be embarrassed! Be empowered! Through diet, exercise and any necessary medications, our doctors will put you on the path to feeling younger, healthier, and more vibrant.

Low Testosterone

Low testosterone (Hypogonadism) is a low level of the male sex hormone in the bloodstream. After a simple blood test and a complimentary follow-up with a physician at Apex, you will receive a detailed plan specific to your medical needs.

Fatigue & Obesity

The modern western lifestyle and diet  is not well tolerated by most aging adults. Our eating habits if unchecked often lead to the development of metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance. Insulin resistance leads to higher fasting glucoses and overall more glucose flux throughout the day. These habits, along with lack of activity, decreased sleep, and increased stress, can lead to the development of cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases as we age. The foundation for staying healthy is to decrease inflammation and reduce the occurrence of metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance. This can be done through lifestyle changes and diet.


The Apex Approach envisions a step-wise approach to increasing testosterone in men. Each client undergoes a thorough medical and laboratory evaluation to determine his overall current state of health. After reviewing these findings, Dr. Dave will suggest various therapies to employ based on the client’s baseline starting point, in order to get them back to maximum hormonal health. Apex Men’s Health will focus on a three-pronged approach which includes nutrition, fitness, and TRT if necessary. This whole lifestyle approach to men’s health has proven long term well-being benefits, and has shown to prolong the quality of life.


The key to any successful fitness regimen is finding the perfect balance for your body.  Listening to your body and having a no-excuses mindset are imperative. We will work with you to find the best workout schedule to fit your needs and goals. Finding the perfect combination of cardio, lifting, and stretching will improve absolutely every aspect of your life--both mental and physical.


The primary goal of changing the way you eat is to provide a positive, subjective change in your everyday life.  Better eating habits will make you healthier, cause a positive change in body appearance, and improve your overall well being and how you feel day to day. This is about changing the way you eat every day for the rest of your life so that you can be at the top of your game for the rest of your life.  
At Apex Men’s Health, we want to get you headed towards that goal. Not only does this article address a lifestyle change in the way you eat but also provides information for improving fat burning. Many men when they first change the way they eat see the added benefit of fat loss. Fat loss and “leaning-up” can be an important goal at the beginning of your new eating habits. 


Depending on a client’s baseline level of testosterone, we will give the supplements and non-medical interventions first and monitor hormone levels for a response. If that is inadequate, we will take the next step and provide medical boosting therapy to see if we can stimulate the body's own production. If that is still inadequate, we will go to TRT.


Male TRT is the medical regimen of replacing men's hormones to normal levels via supplements, various therapies to bolster the body's own ability to produce hormones, and direct testosterone replacement itself.

When placed on a TRT regimen, most men will experience a reversal of all of their low-T symptoms within a month, which include: fatigue, cognitive/foggy-headedness, low energy, sleep disruption, decreased libido, and ED. Some notice its effects much sooner, especially if their initial levels are super low. Of course, this is a process and depends on where one begins at baseline. It also depends on one's compliance with nutritional and fitness recommendations.

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Take a proactive approach to your health and call us today.
Apex Men’s Health… be the man you were born to be.

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Apex Men’s Health is a direct care provider and does not take insurance, but your Health Spending Account can reimburse for membership. Membership options can include the following: routine medical care, medication management, labs, nutrition, and fitness counseling. Initial evaluation and follow-up visits that can be conducted virtually or in person. Alternatively, you can choose to use your insurance for labs and medications. Apex Men’s Health does not submit directly to insurance plans, nor is it part of any insurance network. Superbills can be provided upon request should you want to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Further support is provided via Facebook and Instagram with interaction with a clinician.

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